We want to give everybody an opportunity to participate and to expand their skills and abilities. We recruit people with different backgrounds and passions. Whatever you’re good at, whatever your passion – whether your talent is socializing and helping with social events, or organizing and administration, whether your skills include graphic design, translation, information technology, or anything else – we would love to have you with us in ACYA LTU. Even if you don’t know what you’re best at, and want an opportunity to find out by helping out, ACYA LTU is for you. To get involved, just fill out this form.

ACYA LTU is a student-run organization. We exists to benefit staff and students at La Trobe University. There are many opportunities to do this, but these opportunities can be realized only by the help and involvement of its members. Duties are delegated to various members according to need and ability, allowing members to focus their efforts and to share the burden of leadership.

Also, by involving members in the work of the association at all levels, ACYA LTU is able to foster and develop the knowledge, skills, and talents of its members, providing them with opportunities to deepen their experiences, improve their career readiness, expand their social networks, and to involve them in Australian-Chinese affairs.

To make it easier for members to volunteer and participate in the running the of ACYA LTU, there are a number of established positions that members can fill. But we are always looking to grow and adapt to serve our membership. If you have any ideas for additional events or services, please feel free to get in touch with us. If you are not already involved, and want to become an ACYA LTU team member, just fill out this form.

PRESIDENT: The president provides leadership and direction for the association, and is responsible for ensuring that the association fulfils its governance responsibilities and achieves the association’s goals. As the highest representative of ACYA at the chapter level, the president should work to maintain key relationships within and outside the association.

VICE-PRESIDENT: The vice-president is responsible for assisting the president to fulfil his duties and responsibilities in governing the association, and fills the president’s role if the president is absent. The vice-president works closely with the president, providing feedback from members, alternative points of view, and general help in the planning and execution of duties.

TREASURER: The treasurer is responsible for the financial supervision of the association, for distributing funds in accordance with the association’s needs, and for keeping account of all finances. The treasure must be well organized, and must be conscientious in handling financial matters.

SECRETARY: The secretary is responsible for administrative matters, such as internal communications, organizing and minuting committee meetings, dealing with external correspondence, and so on.

UNION DELEGATE: The union delegate represents ACYA LTU in all interaction with the La Trobe Student Union.

DIRECTOR: Directors oversee their areas of responsibility. They should recruit and develop members as offices to work with them in planning and running events and services that benefit members. ACYA LTU has four portfolios, and thus, four directors: education director, social director, careers director, and general director.

OFFICER: Offices are volunteers that are delegated specific tasks and duties by directors. They work closely with directors in planning and running events and services that benefit members. More than one officer may be appointed to perform a certain task if needed.

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