What is ACYA?

The Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) is an apolitical non-profit organization. It works to foster a sense of community and cooperation between Australians and Chinese, chiefly among secondary school students, university students, and early career professionals. ACYA aims to facilitate and develop lasting bilateral friendships, partnerships, and opportunities in business, academic, governmental, sport, and artistic areas.

With hundreds of events annually across Australia and China, unique internship, study, and volunteer opportunities, a diverse range of publications, and over 5,000 members, ACYA is the first port of call for anyone interested in Australia and China.

ACYA at La Trobe University

ACYA at La Trobe University (ACYA LTU) is a La Trobe Student-Faculty Society with three key practical purposes:

[1] To act as a platform for local and international students to collaborate and improve their language skills through both informal conversation and also more rigorous academic discussion, for example, by organizing cultural and academic events.

[2] To provide information about relevant career and study opportunities to members, with the aim of deepening Australia-China relations.

[3] To collaborate with academics from at La Trobe University, as well as with the Confucius Centre at La Trobe University.

We aim to strengthen the relationship between Australian and Chinese youth. ACYA La Trobe is part of an international network of ACYA Student Groups which operate throughout both Australia and China.

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